Types of Slot Machines


Slot machines all over the world work the same way. You put a coin and pull the handle. This is the basic  principle of slot machines. But there are many different variations of slot machines out of which they are broadly classified into two different types, Straight Slots and Progressive Slots.

Straight Slots

Straight Slots have predefined totals. It means you will be detailed of how much you will win when the slots line up. For example, if you had deposited one coin into a straight machine and three symbols line up, you will win say, 100 coins. And similarly when you have deposited two or more coins, the results will vary doubling according to the input you have chosen. This is the basic functionality of the Straight Slot Machines.


Wildcard is a symbol that will substitute for any other symbol. This type of game will enhance the chances of your winning by substituting for other symbols.
The Multiplier – This is when one or more reels has a symbol that multiplies a win by a certain about, usually x2, x2, x5 etc.

  • Bonus Multiplier – This is when one of more reels has a symbol that multiples a bonus that is received if you get that symbol as well. Almost like a wild card, but only works when you get that wild card in a bonus payout.
  • Multiple Paylines – This is when there is more then one line that you can bet on to win. Some machines have up to 20 different pay lines that you can bet on and each pay line that you bet on is a new bet.
  • Buy A Pay – This is a very complex slot game. You bet on each payout table and your chances of winning the slot is also high. Cost to bid on this type of slots is high and you will have more combinations on each payout table so it naturally increases your chances of winning the slot.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots also work the same way as Standard slots do. But the main difference is progressive slots are linked to other slot machines in a row or in a casino or even with different casinos across in banks. So whenever anyone drops in a coin to the progressive slot machines, a small percentage from each bet is taken and is collectively added to the jackpot amount. The more the machines are linked, the quicker the jackpot amount rises.

The winning amount is huge with these types of slots and is very interesting. People love to play this game and all you have to do is to pull the handle to get the right combination. Remember, there are a lot of people in the casino trying to do the same as you.

Bonus game Slots

Bonus game slots are just the same but the only advantage is these games offer you a bonus game when you get a certain combination of reels. These bonus games will give you the extra benefits to win more money for no additional bets. These bonus games vary differently from treasure hunts, to stopping spinning wheels. But these bonus slots are definitely work looking for.